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The Church is the entrance into the risen life of Christ; it is the communion in life eternal, "joy and peace in the Holy Spirit." And it is the expectation of the "day without evening" of the kingdom; not of any "other world," but of the fulfillment of all things and all life in Christ. In him death itself has become an act of life, for he has filled it with himself, with his love and light. In him "all things are yours; whether… the world or life or death or the present or the future, all are yours; and you are Christ's; and Christ is God's" (1 Cor 3:21-23). And if I make this new life mine, mine this hunger and thirst for the kingdom, mine this expectation of Christ, mine the certitude that Christ is Life, then my very death will be an act of communion with Life. For neither life nor death can separate us from the love of Christ. I do not know when and how the fulfillment will come. I do not know when all things will be consummated in Christ. I know nothing about the "whens" and "hows." But I know that in Christ this great Passage, the Pascha of the world has begun, that the light of the "world to come" comes to us in the joy and peace of the Holy Spirit, for Christ is risen and Life reigns.

- Fr. Alexander Schmemann, "Trampling Down Death by Death"

This is a community for anyone interested in the life and works of Protopresbyter Father Alexander Schmemann of blessed memory (+ 1983.) Generally discussion can be about anything (as, after all, everything is sacred), but it would be good to basically stay within the context of Fr. Alexander himself, his legacy, or the works of his colleagues.

Discussion of criticism of Fr. Alexander's works is welcome, though mean-spirited polemic will be firmly moderated.

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